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Send us your best shot for a chance to be featured! Existing customers get a one-time $15 store credit for entering. If your work is featured, a $100 store credit will be added to your Aperturent account. Would you like to submit your work? Use the upload form below.
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Aperturent Opens New Location in Austin, Texas

We're thrilled to announce our newest location in Austin, TX! For 15 years, we have been offering top-quality camera equipment and an unparalleled customer experience. Now, we're excited to bring our exceptional service and camera expertise to ATX.
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Renting camera gear: Unleash your creativity without breaking the bank.

In the world of photography and videography, capturing the perfect shot is the highest goal. But as many creatives eventually discover, the constant evolution of camera gear can put a strain on their ability to create and make them question if owning the latest gear is even practical. Some may think they wont be able to progress their careers until they have the funds available to keep up with this fast moving industry.
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Know before you go: Tips for a successful rental

Are you renting from Aperturent for the first time or are you a pro who's been with us for years? No matter who you are, we've got your back. We've put together a list to help make renting photo and video equipment a little less stressful. At Aperturent, we're all about community and we want to see you succeed. So be sure to keep checking this list as you continue to rent with us!
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Aperturent: The Story of a Leading Camera Rental Company

At its core, Aperturent is much more than a lens rental company. They are more like family, providing a warm and knowledgeable atmosphere from their headquarters in Atlanta, GA, and their branches in Dallas, TX and Washington, DC. The hustle and bustle of the lobby feels more like a local coffee shop, where customers casually bump into each other and start catching up like old friends. When visiting Aperturent, creatives from all levels are welcome, from beginners to seasoned professionals. And it’s this commitment to inclusivity that has laid the groundwork for Aperturent’s success.



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