Rent an ARRI PL Lens to Canon RF Camera Adapter

ARRI PL Lens to Canon RF Camera Adapter
A compact adapter designed for attaching any ARRI PL mount lens to any Canon RF mount camera.

Product Specs

  • Arri PL Lens to RR Camera
  • Maintains AF and Image Stabilization
  • Dust- and Water-Resistant

Product Overview

Mount ARRI PL-mount lenses on your Canon RF-Mount camera with this Metabones Camera Adapter. Aluminum body construction with chrome-plated mounts creates a precision fit with no gap, play, or wiggling. Felt material flocks the inside and bolsters optical quality by minimizing internal light reflections while a satin finish on the outside gives this adapter an OEM look.

This adapter is designed to reach infinity focus while retaining the proper registration distance for maintaining optical quality when you are using CRC lenses or other lenses with floating elements.

Because your camera's body cap cannot attach to the lens adapter, a rigid-and-removable locking dust cover is provided that allows you to disconnect your lens, leave the adapter mounted, and keep your camera's sensor protected during transportation. Additionally, a removable Arca-type tripod food is included for use with heavier lenses.

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