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Two-Light Studio Kit

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Everything you need for a 2-light setup including wireless triggers. The kit includes:

  • (2) 13' Light Stand : This heavy duty stand is suitable to hold up to 25 pounds, weights 6 pounds and collapses to 42.5 inches.

  • (2) AlienBees B800 : A self-contained studio flash unit, producing 320 true wattseconds and 800 effective wattseconds of power & 14,000 lumensecond of output.

  • (2) Large Softbox : A large 32x40 inches foldable softbox with speedring attached, compatible with AlienBees lights.

  • (3) PocketWizard Plus III : A highly versatile and robust radio trigger that is compatible with most flash and camera systems. Note: You need at least 2 units.

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