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Indie-Dolly Curved Track Kit

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Indie-Dolly Curved Track Kit

This track system is made of high grade anodized aluminum. Custom-made velcro straps keep the sections from sliding apart.

The kit comes in sections of four. Total length of each curved track kit is 13 feet, and forms one quarter of a 20 foot diameter circle. You would need 4 of these kits in order to complete a full circle.

The track comes with black support blocks that need to be placed under every track joint. You should also place a support block in the middle of each track section. With its precision-machined dowel pins and black support blocks, the kit provides seamless and smooth transition between tracks and dolly platform, fastening together quickly and securely.

Additional straight and curved units can be attached to perform a dolly of any distance.

  • Track Length: 13 feet

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