Rent a MagMod Pro 24" Octabox (Hot Shoe)

MagMod Pro 24" Octabox (Hot Shoe)
An easy-to-use modifier for Hot Shoe Mount strobes. It features a quick and efficient zip-on diffuser and a cold shoe bracket.

Product Overview

Create beautiful and soft light with your strobes and the MagBox Pro 24" Octa from MagMod. This MagMod Octabox Kit is compatible with Hot Shoe mount strobes and includes the following items:

  • MagBox Pro 24" Octa Modifier : An easy-to-use light modifier, it features the popular octabox shape, a silver interior and includes a quick and efficient zip-on diffuser.
  • MagMod MagShoe 2 : This universal cold shoe bracket can be operated with one hand and provides a locking design.
  • MagMod MagRing 2 Adapter (Hot Shoe Flashes) : A speed ring that enables a strong connection between hot shoe strobes and the full suite of MagMod softboxes.

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