Rent a Sony FX3/FX30 XLR Handle Unit

Sony FX3/FX30 XLR Handle Unit
An interface designed to give the Sony FX3/FX30 camera expanded audio capabilities.

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Product Specs

  • 2x XLR Inputs
  • Hot shoe mounted

Product Overview

Expand the audio capabilities of the Sony FX3/FX30 camera with this shoe-mounted XLR Microphone Adapter from Sony. It connects to the camera directly through the hot shoe and provides two XLR inputs for using professional microphones. It also features a control panel with a clear cover that sports numerous physical dials and controls for changing the levels, gain, and low cut filter of each input individually. Also, it supports high-resolution recording formats up to 96 kHz and 24-bit.

A cable clamp is present as well for cable management and a shoe mount on the top of the unit can support additional accessories. Additionally, it receives power directly from the camera.

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