Rent a Litepanels Gemini Bi-Color LED Soft Panel (2' x 1')

Litepanels Gemini Bi-Color LED Soft Panel (2' x 1')
An LED panel that provides a wide source of soft, color accurate, full spectrum Daylight and Tungsten lighting.

Product Specs

  • Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 28 VDC
  • Power Consumption 325W nominal
  • Color Temperature 2700-6000K
  • CRI/TLCI Daylight: 97 Tungsten: 99
  • Beam and Field Angle 93 deg. / 157 deg.
  • Color Controls Kelvin temperature Plus/minus green Hue, saturation, intensity Gel presets
  • Dimming Range 100-0%

Product Overview

The Gemini is truly versatile with its intuitive on-board controls and remote control options via standard DMX 512 protocol and can adapt to any lighting situation today’s cinematographers and lighting professionals will find themselves in.

RGBW (Red Green Blue White) mode
Allows for independent control of each colored LED in addition to the color temperature of the white light.

CCT-Mode (Correlated Color Temperature) mode
Allows for Bi-Color (Daylight to Tungsten) operation with the addition of plus and minus Green offset.

HSI Color Mode allows for full color control over Hue, Saturation and intensity. This allows you to create any color in the 360 color wheel at any intensity from 0-100%

Gel Mode allows for a variety of Gels to be selected from the menu to easily replicate the industry’s most popular gel sets with a daylight or tungsten source.

Effects Mode
Provides 11 cinematic effects that are easily customized to meet your creative production needs, including TV Simulation, Fire, Emergency Lights, Hue Burst, Lightning, Squares, Pulse, Paparazzi, Fireworks, Party Lights, and Strobe.

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