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A handheld microphone featuring internal recording (32GB storage). It's also compatible with RĂ˜DE Series IV receivers (NOT included).
Featuring an upgraded design, this lens provides versatility without compromising the excellent quality of the original version.
A bright, highly-efficient light source, similar to that of the silver dish, but with a softer finish. This dish produces smooth skin tones.
A fast and lightweight prime telephoto lens ideal for sports, wildlife, and action shooters. Featuring image stabilization.
An on-the-go lens that is ideal for landscape, travel, and close-up photography. It features a de-clicked aperture ring ideal for video use.
A versatile mid-range zoom lens built for everyday mobility. Its easy to carry form factor make it ideal for both still and video projects.
A portable, easy-to-use soft box that quickly attaches to the front screen of the Aputure Nova. It measures 20.7" x 27.5".
A location lighting solution in a convenient carrying case. It includes eight versatile RGBWW LED bulbs in a rugged polymer carrying case.
A compact lens adapter designed for attaching any EF/EF-S lens to a Canon RF-mount mirrorless digital camera. Features a drop-in ND filter.
A battery grip that allows users to load one or two LP-E6NH battery packs & provides vertical shooting controls on the Canon EOS R.
An AC-powered LED light that also features a V-Mount battery plate. Produces 2700-6500K color temperature, and has a CRI/TLCI rating of 96.
A lens with a superb zoom range that covers everything from portraiture to event photography, compatible with full frame cameras.

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