Rent a Foldable Large AlienBees Stripbox

Foldable Large AlienBees Stripbox
A large 14x60 inches foldable stripbox with speedring attached, compatible with Paul C Buff lights.

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Product Specs

  • Size: 14"x60"

Product Overview

A large 14x60 inches foldable stripbox offering a simple and quick umbrella-like construction. Speedring is attached to the stripbox. This system is only compatible with AlienBees and other Paul C Buff lights.

Each softbox comes with the speedring and frame poles already attached - to form the box, you will simply slide and lock the poles into place, then attach your front diffusion panel.

Note: These softboxes are heavier faceplate accessories, you will need to use them with heavy duty light stands such as the LS3900.

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