Rent a Quantum CoPilot Wireless TTL Controller (Canon)

Quantum CoPilot Wireless TTL Controller (Canon)

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Quantum CoPilot Wireless TTL Controller (Canon)

With the Quantum Instruments CoPilot Wireless TTL Flash Controller for Canon you can control a studio full of flashes from up to 300' away from the hotshoe of your Canon DSLR. Not only will the CoPilot trigger them but can adjust the lighting ratios of up to 3 independent groups of flashes. Instead of poking away at an LCD screen Quantum gives you ergonomic, tactile dials that you can adjust without looking at them once you get used to their functions. The CoPilot is compatible with current Qflash TRIOs and T5dRs as well as older versions and any non-Quantum flash that can be triggered in Manual and Auto mode only by a FreeXwire wireless receiver. Last but not least, the CoPilot has a built-in IR autofocus assist for fast focus in low light.

CoPilots' infrared autofocus assist helps your camera focus in low light.

  • Model Number: QF91C
  • Range: 300' (100 m)
  • Weight: 5.2 oz (147.42 g)


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