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Westcott Ice Light

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Westcott Ice Light

The Westcott Ice Light is a dimmable, 5,200-5,400K LED source. The first thing that occurs to you as work with it is that it resembles a 20.25" baton or perhaps wand is more appropriate given the soft light magic that the Ice Light produces. Hold it as close as you want to your subject; the closer you get the more Ice Light's wrap-around quality of light becomes evident. Since it's virtually heat-free you never have to worry about injuring the talent or damaging the set.

Power comes from a built-in battery that will run for 60 minutes on a 2.5 hour charge. And at 100-240V AC, you can charge it anywhere there's electricity. While the ergonomic shape easily lends to handheld operation, there's a 1/4"-20 tap at each end to mount the Ice Light to a light stand or other accessory.

  • Rating: 150W as compared to quartz halogen, 50,000 hour LED life
  • Mount Type: 1/4"-20 on each side
  • Dimensions: 20.25 x 1.75" (52.07 x 1.75 cm)
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs (0.58 kg)
  • Current Draw: 1.5 - 15W


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