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Novoflex Panorama VR-System 6/8

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Novoflex Panorama VR-System 6/8

The Novoflex Panorama VR-System 6/8 is a system for creating spherical panoramic photos (up to 360°) that's been optimized for use with a fisheye lens (not included). Using a fisheye lens means you need fewer photos to "stitch" together with software (not included) for a complete 360° spherical panorama, giving you a high-quality panorama in less time.

For a 360° photo without perspective offset, it's necessary to position your camera so that the axis of rotation passes through the nodal point of your lens (a printed instructional manual is included). The Panorama VR-System 6/8 allows horizontal and vertical rotation around the nodal point of the lens with two click-stop panorama bases.

An upper panorama base slides in the guide rail of the L-bracket, so you can change the height without making any additional adjustments to the base. Both bases have click-stops and a built-in spirit level.

This system includes two panorama bases, a focusing rack, an L-bracket, a clamping plate, and a spirit level for flash shoe This system is perfect for photographers specializing in spherical panoramas for Internet applications, virtual tours, etc.

  • Weight: 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)

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