Rent a White Shovel Background Reflector

White Shovel Background Reflector
A white reflector that provides an even gradation of light, ideal for illuminating background space. Compatible with Paul C Buff lights.

Product Specs

  • Size: 4.5" diameter x 6" height

Product Overview

The UBR is a white shovel reflector that provides an even gradation of light, excellent for illuminating background space while blocking the light from hitting the lens or the subject.

The background reflector is an excellent tool to help you achieve good subject-to-background separation. By design, the UBR can be used in tight setups where there is not enough room for side lighting or grid use. With the UBR, the light pattern of your flash unit fans out behind your subject, gradually falling off as it covers the background. The light accents the background and provides a gentle halo effect behind your subject.

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