Rent a 22" Beauty Dish Reflector (Silver)

22" Beauty Dish Reflector (Silver)
A reflector that projects a narrow 45° beam. With the included diffusion sock it's the equivalent of a round softbox. For AlienBees only.

Product Specs

  • Diameter: 22"
  • Beam Angle: 45°

Product Overview

This reflector is designed to project a narrow 45° beam angle, with about six times the efficiency of a white dish. This allows for lighting subjects from greater distances with low power flash units, and allows using the reflector with or without the included direct-light blocker.

Attaching the included diffusion sock converts the reflector into the equivalent of a round softbox with very even coverage. This widens the angle of coverage to about 150° and lowers the output by about 1 1/2 f-stops.

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