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Glidecam Body-Pod

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Glidecam Body-Pod

A lightweight rigid support system which lets you shoot in cushioned comfort for long periods of time. By taking the weight of the Stabilizer off your hands and arms and placing it onto your waist and shoulders, the Body Pod virtually eliminates stress and fatigue, allowing you the freedom to shoot events that require uninterrupted shooting.

The Body Pod is designed to allow you to quickly slide the handle of either the Glidecam 2000 PRO or 4000 PRO on and off its rigid support, permitting quick back and forth switching between hand-held stabilization shooting and body mounted shooting.

The Body Pod is especially suited for commercial, industrial and corporate videography, such as weddings, real estate videos, sporting events, etc. The system allows you to leave your tripod behind, rendering you free to move about and shoot from places you would normally be unable to shoot quickly from.

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