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Lowel TO GO 98 Kit

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Lowel TO GO 98 Kit

This is a Lowel TO GO 98 Kit--a three-light kit. Compact, rugged and versatile, the broad-throw Tota-light can be used with its umbrella or gel frame and diffusion as a soft key light, fill light, or backlight. With its adjustable reflectors, it can be a smooth and even background light, or point it at the ceiling to raise the ambient (base) light level of a room. Tota-lights are also widely used for photographic work.

The wide focusing range of the Omni-light makes it a flexible key light or backlight. Add diffusion or an umbrella, and it's a soft fill source.

When fitted with the included EMD 750W bulb, the Tota-light will emit a beam of 41 footcandles, with the barndoors at normal position, and 34 footcandles with the barndoors at 180° position, from a distance of 10' (3 m). When fitted with the included FTK 500W bulb, each Omni-light will emit a beam of 75 footcandles at full flood, and 475 footcandles at full spot, from a distance of 10' (3 m).

The hard carrying case has a shoulder strap, making the kit easily portable.

  • Rating: Tota-light: 750 watts / Omni-light: 500 watts
  • Socket (Lampholder): Tota-light: Double-ended R7s / Omni-light: GY9.5 Pre-focus 2-pin ceramic
  • Weight: Tota-light: 2.25 lbs (1.02 kg) / Omni-light: 2.6 lbs (1.9 kg)

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